Code of Conduct


Acorns Community Pre-School is a place that promotes respect and responsibility in a safe learning environment. All children, parents and staff have the right to be safe and feel safe in their pre-school community.

This Code of Conduct applies to all individuals in the pre-school community.

Children are to be treated with respect and dignity. See section Acorns Golden Rules:

Parents play an important role in the early education of their children and have a responsibility to support the efforts of pre-school in maintaining a respectful learning environment for all. Parents fulfil this responsibility when they:

  • Show an active interest in their child’s work and progress.
  • Communicate regularly with pre-school.
  • Encourage and assist their child to follow the pre-school Golden rules.
  • Working together with pre-school staff in dealing with any behaviour issues.

Supervisors under the direction of the management team take a leadership role in the daily running of the pre-school. They provide this leadership by:

  • Demonstrating care and commitment to a safe learning environment.
  • Hold everyone under their authority accountable for their behaviour and actions.
  • Communicate regularly and meaningfully with all member of the pre-school community.

Staff, under the leadership of the supervisors, are expected to maintain a high standard of respect and responsible behaviour within pre-school. All staff are good role models and understand their position of trust with the community.  They uphold these high standards when they

  • Help children to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Communicate regularly and meaningfully with parents.
  • Maintain consistent standards of behaviour following pre-school guidelines and policies.
  • Demonstrate respect for all within the pre-school community
  • Listen and support children and understand their individual needs
  • Adhere to confidentiality guidelines and maintain appropriate professional boundaries
  • Ensure that safeguarding of children in their care underpins everything they do

Management Team provides direction for the pre-school by:

  • Providing accommodation, equipment and an early years curriculum,
  • Employing and training staff
  • Processing admissions and administering finances
  • Holding meetings relevant to managing the pre-school and fundraising
  • Working in partnership with parents, and liaising with other professionals and organisations.
  • Developing policies that set out how the pre-school will implement and follow the Code of Conduct and, if needed, an effective intervention strategy is in place.
  • Ensuring that all members of the pre-school community are aware of the Code of Conduct in a manner that ensures their commitment and support.

All school members must:

Demonstrate honesty and integrity.

  • Respect differences in people, their ideas and opinions.
  • Treat one another with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Respect and treat others fairly, regardless of their colour, ethnicity, religion, social background, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.
  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Show proper care of pre-school property and the property of others.
  • Take appropriate measures to help those in need.


The ultimate golden rule is that all of us within the pre-school community treat each other as we would wish to be treated – with consideration, kindness and respect.


Our Code of Conduct include fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs which are implicitly embedded in the EYFS.