Acorns Golden Rules

Acorns Golden Rules

Children are to be treated with respect and dignity. In return children are encouraged to follow the pre-school’s golden rules:

  • We share and take turns
  • We are kind and gentle to each other
  • We take care of things
  • We have walking feet indoors
  • We use our quiet voices
  • We have kind and helping hands
  • We use kind words
  • We have looking eyes
  • We have listening ears
  • We take care of each other
  • We understand people are different

Acorns Golden Rules for Use of Computers and Multimedia devices

 We encourage all children to follow our Golden Rules and have a happy computer time. These area supported by our Acceptable Use Policy 1.9.

  • Ask an adult if you want to use the computer or ipad
  • Only choose activities that an adult has said is ok
  • Look after the computer and any other ICT equipment
  • Ask an adult for help if you are unsure about what to do next
  • Ask an adult if you are stuck with something
  • Tell an adult if you see a picture you didn’t like