At the end of each year we ask our parents to give us feedback about their experiences of Acorns. The following quotes have been taken from our Parent Questionnaire.

Question:  What do you like best about the preschool?

Welcoming atmosphere, feels like home.

The preschool is a happy and nurturing environment.

Acorns is a very welcoming preschool environment.

It’s a family

Friendly, fun and helpful when needed

Communication for the preschool is very good

Assistance and advice is very forthcoming and appreciated.

The friendly approach from the staff.  My child loves attending Acorns and that makes me feel a lot happier.

Happy relaxed environment where my child can learn through play.

My child loves attending Acorns.  We like the very welcoming environment and the staff are always focused on the health and safety of the preschool and children.

Every member of the staff is friendly, listens and supportive towards parents/carers.

The welcoming environment.  The children have the ability to choose which activities they would like to do.  My child has so much fun with her friends and the wonderful staff. 

I like the inviting, fun atmosphere where my child always has a good time.

Staff are friendly, warm and welcoming and my child looks forward to coming to preschool.

Very organised, lots for the children to do.

Such a happy and upbeat place.

Staff, atmosphere, caring, supportive environment.

Friendly and professional staff and the knowledge my child is safe.

All the staff have helped and supported me with my child’s speech over the last year.

Acorns is brilliant with my child and it makes me happy.

I love Acorn’s hand on approach, my child is thriving, making friends and his speech is coming along very well with help.

I feel very comfortable talking with the staff and they are supportive in all my family needs.

Lots of activities and different ways to engage the children.

Great outdoor area.

Love the special themed corner that has been set up.

I love the staff and their dedication to creating a fun, friendly, and safe environment.

Friendly environment, with approachable staff.

Family feel to the preschool and the way the children are cared for.

We are part of a community.

There is a happy, fun nature about the preschool and my child absolutely love going.

A relaxed atmosphere that seems to allow all the children to choose and enjoy their own activities.

The range of activities and the freedom that is bestow up my children.

Question:    Any other comments you would like to make?

They do some amazing things with the children and the activities are fantastic.

The variety of resources available to help my child’s development and the warm friendly atmosphere of all the staff.

The different activies provided each day – they are very creative with helping them learn through play.

My child is flourishing attending Acorns.  A special thanks to her key worker.  My child talks about you all the time at home.

My child loves her time at Acorns – I’m very grateful and thankful for the way you have bought on her development. 

It is great to know my child is very happy and settled in an environment where she spends so much time.

Thank you for all your help to support my child and his speech development

Such a wonderful start in school life for my child, thank you.

Acorns is wonderfully nurturing and supporting and I feel lucky that my child and I have benefited from it.

We would like to thank all the staff for how amazing you are. 

We know our child is going to miss you so much.  We cant wait for our son to experience how amazing Acorns is.

Just absolutely love Acorns.  Can’t recommend enough.

I love you guys so much.  Can’t believe that my child’s Acorns journey is coming to an end.  You have had such a huge positive impact on both of use over the last two years, I’ll miss seeing you all every day.

We have seen such a change in our child in the last year. Her confidence has grown so much along with her vocabulary.  She loves going to Acorns and has made a lot of friends.

We are really pleased with how our child has progressed during here time at Acorn.  She has become a very happy confident little girl and we are so happy that we chose Acorns and believe it has been the best start to her school years.

You are fantastic.  Thank you for everything you have all done and continue to do.

The preschool is absolutely brilliant, I am so glad I have bought all of my children here and I will be really sad when they leave.

Keep doing what you are doing!

We are going to miss you all in September.

The staff at Acorns are all lovely and bubbly and the children and adults all love the staff.

We love Acorns, my daughter thrived there and my son is doing the same.

All staff are kind and brilliant, caring to my family and very understanding.

Love all the work you do.

I am happy with how Acorns have constantly supported our children in a fun, safe and happy environment.

The preschool feels like a large family unit and I’m so pleased that my child has the opportunity to be part of this.

All staff have proactively made myself and my child feel welcome and have helped my child to settle in.

Thank you for your patience and understanding over the past few months.

Staff are amazing, easy to talk to and my child loves them all.


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